Everything about Currtain

Who we are?

We are the only manufacturer in China that has developed and upgraded from traditional curtain tracks all the way to smart curtain motors.

  • Since 1998, focusing on the research and production of traditional curtain tracks.
  • In 2009, we established a dedicated team for curtain motor development.
  • In 2010, we unveiled the first generation of curtain motors.
  • In 2011, we initiated the development of smart home solutions.
  • For over 26 years, we have been dedicated to the pursuit of making curtains move and creating comfortable homes.

Currtain's Origin:

Currtain company originated from Huangjia in 1998 when we established a traditional curtain track factory in Shenzhen’s Luohu district.


At Huangjia, our unwavering focus was on designing and developing mid-to-high-end curtain tracks. We took great pride in setting trends and styles within the industry. Many classic curtain rod designs in China were inspired by our creations.

In the past two decades, the lack of designers was a common challenge for many curtain rod factories in China.

In contrast, our commitment to innovative design allowed us to lead the way. Consequently, our peers often looked to us for inspiration and replicated our designs.

The name “Huangjia” signifies our commitment to every household, as “佳” (Jiā) means beauty, high quality and family in Chinese. We’ve always prioritized delivering the best to each family, symbolizing beauty, and ensuring top-notch quality.

In 2009, we established a dedicated research and development team for electric curtain motors. This initiative resulted in the launch of our first-generation curtain motor and tubular motor in 2010. In 2012, we formed a separate entity, “智皇ZH” (Zhì Huáng), solely focused on developing intelligent curtain motors. Over 25 years, our journey has revolved around pioneering advancements in curtain tracks and smart curtains.


智皇ZH (Zhì Huáng): The name has a dual meaning. It signifies “intelligent Huangjia” as it reflects our unwavering focus on electric curtain motors and ongoing innovation in curtain tracks and electric curtains.


Additionally, “智” (Zhì) represents intelligence, and “皇” (Huáng) embodies an emperor-like experience. At the time of our establishment, the concept of intelligence in this context wasn’t yet prevalent in China. We aimed to bring smart curtains and intelligent home solutions to every household, delivering a top-tier experience to all who embraced them.


ZH: Beyond serving as the initials of “智皇” (Zhì Huáng) in Chinese, “ZH” also sounds like “zhi,” the Chinese word for intelligence.

Currtain is a brand that we created anew for the international market.

Main Products:

Currtain’s products include curtain motor, tubular motor, window opener, electric projection screen & control system, electric parts and smart home products. Provide a variety of building shading and home smart automation solution for business office, public building, hotel, villa and high-end apartments.

Business Orientation:

We specialize in doing international 2B business, providing OEM\ODM solutions for sunshade curtain tracks and smart curtains.

Why Called Currtain?

Currtain, give it life, curtain to run

“Curr” comes from “currere,” Latin for “to run.” So we set up “currtain” to make curtains move. Whether it’s a traditional manual curtain track or a motorized curtain motor, we engineer and produce products that set curtains in motion.

For instance, our curtain tracks enable people to draw curtains effortlessly. And we produce curtain motors that make curtains open and close automatically to achieve smart living.

Since 1998, we’ve been dedicated to the design and production of curtain tracks and smart curtains.

Build a real use scenario of curtain in a world of letters

The name “currtain” transforms curtains from a noun to a verb. The “r” in the middle is very inconspicuous, it is not part of the curtain fabric, it needs to be added extra, just like our products, it is always hidden behind the curtain, people always see the large curtain first, but we add the curtain track and curtain motor to make it move. Our products, like the hidden “r”, make the curtain move, turning a static curtain into a dynamic experience.


This fits a realistic scenario, currtain is like we build a real use scenario of curtain in a world of letters.

Wow…that’s really poetic and beautiful!

If you look carefully, you’ll find that “r” is very much like our motorized track + curtain motor


 CRT: Curtain Run Tech

An interesting acronym derived from “Currtain” is CRT, which seamlessly translates into “Curtain Run Tech.” This acronym perfectly aligns with our company’s history and product positioning. It just so happens that CRT is also the key node in the pronunciation of Currtain, Curr-tain.

I’m worried that Currtain might be mistaken for a typo.

I had thought about it being too similar to “curtain” for fear of being mistaken for a misspelling or making a spelling error.

However, I find it to be both enjoyable and unforgettable. Because we don’t sell curtain fabric, we sell “Currtain”, only with the addition of our products “r”, a complete curtain solution is formed.
Curtain means curtain, but “currtain” doesn’t mean “curtain”, it means let the curtain run, so there is no typo ah.
It’s short and kind of cool.


First, we breathed life into the word ‘curtain,’ making it alive and endearing. It no longer needs our help; it can move on its own.

Then, we furnished it with stories and history, which it embraced and absorbed with grace. Moreover, it can continue creating new stories.
Simultaneously, we entered the world of letters, constructing a lifelike setting to unveil our CURRTAIN story.

How marvelous the name ‘Currtain’ is! Before finally confirming it as our new brand, I found myself captivated by it in the depths of my heart.

It now has a charming life of its own, telling the story of Currtain.

So who am I? I mean, who is the person who wrote this article and conceptualized the brand name Currtain?


Hi, l am Tracy (Director of lnternational Market Operation Department), from Shenzhen, a ’90s generation girl and a second-generation entrepreneur. After graduating in 2015, I returned to my father’s well-established business: the world of smart curtain.

Back then, it wasn’t common for ’90s graduates to enter the manufacturing industry, but I was one of the few who chose that path. Over the years, I’ve embarked on the journey from 0 to 1, exploring the world of international trade. I’ve built an export team, opened new sales channels, and continuously expanded my expertise in both vertical and horizontal dimensions of work (organizational management, marketing, and efficient operations).

The project involving custom curtain track installations, even spanning thousands of meters per project, managed by me, has never encountered size-related issues.

  • A Vertical industry expert with 9 years of experience in the smart curtain sector.
  • A Second-generation entrepreneur who has averaged 5-7 hours of sleep over the past 9 years.
  • An Eternal learner who believes in the pursuit of lifelong knowledge.

Currtain represents my vision for this company and our international trade team. We focus on conducting B2B business, providing OEM/ODM solutions for sunshade curtain tracks and smart curtains. We have a vibrant self-propelled vitality. Our team inherits 25 years of industry experience, yet as a generation that grew up in the ’90s, we are sincere, dedicated, willing to take responsibility, and daring to innovate on the shoulders of giants of our time. It’s not about creating something out of nothing but rather making steady, step-by-step innovations.

As a Factory Scion, Emerging Entrepreneur, and Smart Curtain Legacy, I harbor a deep passion for this industry and a solid foundation.

Company Vision:

To lead innovation in curtain motion solutions on a global scale.

Company Mission:

Building a sustainable future, caring for the environment and social responsibility.

Business Pursuit:

Empowering customers to maintain competitiveness in the market.

Table of Contents

Patent New Products: Electric telescopic track, Super curtain robot motor 

Trend matching: Smart lithium battery curtain motors, Roller blind motors, Solar panels

Market position: Domestic and international 2B channels, both can provide quality services


ZH adheres to the excellent pursuit for products’ technology, process and quality, focuses on the development and production for indoor sun protection windows and verandas motors as a whole intelligent electric motor products. OEM& ODM also can be achieved. 

We can supply manual, motorized, and smart curtain whole solutions for you as well. 

ZH’s products include curtain motor, tubular motor, window opener, electric projection screen, smart drying rack & control system, electric parts 

and smart home products. Provide a variety of building shading and home smart automation solution for business office, public building, hotel, villa and high-end apartments.

From electric to smart, from networkless voice control to smart home control, technology in-depth R&D, what you need, we all supply.

Products sold throughout China, exported to Australia, Europe, UK, US, Southeast Asia, the Middle East market. Product quality and professional services are recognized and favored by customers.

ZH, as a home sun protection motors deep researcher and industry leader, always along with you!

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Keep loving, always focus on the road of sunshade industry. Explore, reform and move forward.

Provide professional OEM/ODM customized services for the different needs of global customers.

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