Currtain Culture

Company Vision

To lead innovation in curtain motion solutions on a global scale.


Company Mission

Building a sustainable future, caring for the environment and social responsibility.

Business Pursuit

Empowering customers to maintain competitiveness in the market.

All things are one.

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How do you believe one can showcase the skills of comprehension and clear problem analysis?

An effective approach involves the ability to translate a project or task communicated in a chat log into a structured document using Excel.

Understanding ability


The greatest ability of an individual is to instill confidence in others.

Your ability to control your inner self directly correlates with your ability to master external affairs.

Inner saint, outer king


Leadership is about whether you can, and dare to, bring about positive changes in people and situations.

Concentrate on doing one thing well

Concentrate on one thing


Sincerity is more powerful than myriad skills.

Create dimensions within your long board, attracting and gathering sparkling resources.

Sparkling resources

Personal reputation

The outstanding presentation of each of your works is a reservoir of your personal reputation.

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