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Suitable for different scenarios

Here, you can find different series of smart curtain motors to match your projects construction needs:

Motorized Telescopic curtain Track Kit

Smart Curtain DIY Package

Smart Control

The following intelligent ecosystems have been interfaced with our curtain motor series:

Contact us, To discover smart curtain products that are compatible with mainstream smart control systems.

If you would like us to assist you in customizing the integration of smart curtains with your smart home system, please also feel free to contact us.

AC Power Supply Series

Lithium Battery Power + Solar Panel Charging

When you need to connect to a switch panel through high voltage control wires to operate the curtains, this option is available. It supports integration with different high voltage smart home control panels, ensuring system compatibility.

The following control scenarios may be encountered: hotel projects, schools, outdoor areas, and public places that require high voltage control switch connections.

High Voltage Control

Low Voltage Control

Dry contact, RS485, and other low voltage control methods.

When you need to connect to a switch panel through low voltage control wires to operate the curtains, this option is available. It supports integration with different low voltage smart home control panels, ensuring system compatibility.

Why Us as your curtain motor supplier?

14+ Years of Curtain Motor R&D Experience

Quality assurance in production. ISO9001 certified, with rigorous quality checks at every step.

Since 1998, we have been at the forefront of developing and producing curtain tracks. We should be considered the top supplier in China when it comes to the combination craftsmanship of curtain tracks and curtain motors. Over the past 26+ years, we have been the only manufacturer in China to continuously research and upgrade from traditional curtain tracks to motorized curtain motors, and further to smart curtains. As a result, we possess extensive expertise in curtain movement and product structure.

In 2009, we established a dedicated team for motorized curtains and introduced the first generation of curtain motors in 2010. We have remained dedicated to this field ever since.

With our industry-specific experience, we offer a one-stop solution for procuring curtain tracks, curtain motors, and related products.

Deliver competitive products

Continuous research and development to deliver competitive products. Curtain robots, motorized telescopic curtain tracks, lithium battery-powered curtain motors, and more are excellent and competitive offerings.

Helps & Supports

Our business pursuit is to help you maintain your competitive edge. When discussing your market needs with us, we will do our utmost to protect and support our long-term partners.

Let us make every effort to support your market

The Curtain Motor Story

Since 1998, we have been involved in the research, production, and sales of curtain tracks and related accessories.

In 2009, we formed a smart curtain dedicated research and development team, and in 2010, we introduced the first generation of curtain motors. At that time, the motor’s features and market trends were as follows: 

In 2013, we pioneered the world’s first parallel curtain motor.

In 2014, we received the Golden Lotus Award.

In 2017, our products were fully integrated with various smart home systems.

In 2018, we began developing curtain robots, and in 2020, the first version of the curtain robot was launched.

In 2020, we introduced the world’s first generation of coaxial telescopic tracks.

In 2021, we officially launched the solar-powered lithium battery version of the smart curtain motor.

In 2022, the second-generation curtain robot was launched, featuring improved adjustability, upgraded charging ports, and other details.

In 2022, the second-generation manual and motorized curtain telescopic tracks were introduced, providing a more user-friendly, standardized installation. The curtain telescopic track series includes manual telescopic curtain tracks, manual telescopic roman rods, and motorized telescopic curtain tracks.

In 2023, the third-generation curtain robot was further upgraded and launched, incorporating user-friendly features such as pull-start, automatic setting of travel limits, and automatic locking of the tracks, making it more in line with the practical needs of consumers, constantly innovating.

In 2023, the main and auxiliary motorized curtain motors were introduced, giving rise to a cost-effective dual-track motorized curtain product.

Throughout our journey, we have remained committed to providing high-quality curtain motor solutions and continuously pushing the boundaries of innovation to meet the evolving needs of our customers.