Finished Curtain

  1. Initial Consultation: Contact us to discuss your project needs and objectives.
  • Please tell me your business background, which will help us to recommend suitable cooperation methods and products to you.
  • what is the project?
  • where is the construction site?
  • project requirements
    • What products are needed?
      • Manual rail
      • Motorised products
      • Fabric
    • What are the special needs
      • Product Functionality Needs
      • Construction Requirements
    • Please provide us with the relevant information of your construction project.
      • Construction drawings
      • On-site construction drawings
      • Video
      • Do you already have measurements?
  1. Requirement Analysis: We work together to analyze and understand the specific requirements of your project.
    • We will use the above information to quickly determine the size of the project, the type of track fabrication and construction, and help you determine which product is the best choice.
  2. Project Proposal: Our team develops and presents a detailed project proposal, including timelines and cost estimates.
  • we make a proposal and confirm with you whether we will follow this proposal or not
  • We will give you a preliminary quotation. (If the measurement data is not available, the final contract will be finalised based on the accurate measurement data.)
  • We will continue to follow up your project requirements and stuck points. We will help you to overcome each problem and promote the project to the ground.
    • Pre-project guidance
      • guidance on pre-installation environment construction
      • How to measure windows
    • Complex project with 10% advance payment to initiate the project
    • Assist customers to land after paying the advance payment
      • Instruct the customer how to measure the windows
        1. Straight track
        2. if there is a curved track, guide to measure the curved track data, provide the curved track sketch.
      • get the client to compile a list of all the window measurements
      • Make a final and accurate sales contract after getting all the accurate data of windows.
        1. Customers pay (make up) 30% of the advance payment to finalise the order for production.
          1. Regarding the curved track, assist to follow up with the engineer to come up with the track construction plan. And final confirm the construction plan with customer.
          2. Produce the production requirement form, track production form, etc.
  • Production and shipment
    1. The first batch of the first sample, need to take pictures and samples to confirm the details with the customer.
    2. Before shipment, we need to send some pre-shipment pictures to customers to check.
  1. Agreement and Planning: Upon agreement, we move forward with detailed project planning and resource allocation.
  2. Engineering and Design: Our experts engage in the engineering and design phase, ensuring adherence to project specifications.
  3. Quality Control and Testing: Rigorous quality control and testing are conducted throughout the project development phase.
  4. Logistics and Shipping: Logistics details are confirmed to ensure efficient and safe transportation of products.
  5. Delivery and Documentation: Products are delivered along with all necessary documentation like shipping notes, packing lists, etc.
  6. Implementation and Deployment: We oversee the implementation and deployment phase, ensuring seamless integration.
  7. Ongoing Support and Maintenance: Post-deployment, we provide ongoing support and maintenance services.

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