Development History

1998  Set up Shenzhen Huangjia sun shading factory on Luohu district, Shenzhen.

2002  Got “National Product Quality Notarization Top Ten Brands”.

2003  The factory moved to Anliang Industrial Zone, Henggang, Shenzhen.

2008  Got “Quality Reputation Gold Enterprise”.

2009  Set up Sun-shading motor research team.

2010  Got “China Famous Brand”; Setting up smart home R & D team.

2011  From the original workshop building to six buildings.  Joined in “Guangdong Household Textile Association”.

2022  Set up Shenzhen Zhihuang Technology Co., Ltd. Got a number of patents in smart sun-shading motor.

2013  Got “ISO9001 Quality Management System” qualification.

2014  Got The first Shenzhen international sun-shading products“Golden Lotus Prize”. Got the first Chinese smart city Smart cup “Smart Family Technology Innovation and Application Prize”.

2015  Got “Intelligent Sun-shading Well-known Brands”. To become “ Vice President  Company of China Smart City Units”. To become the company of the preparatory  committee of the Shenzhen intelligence community”.

2016  Got “Guangdong Famous Intelligent Sun-shading Brand”.

2016  In September, ZHIHUANG signed a strategic cooperation with TCL.

2018  Connect to variety smart home system: HUAWEI, TCL, TUYA, GALAXYWIND.

2019  Work with real estate developers to launch the curtain finished product project. Set up new factory in Huizhou for the project.

2020 We successfully developed the first generation of curtain robots and introduced the world’s first coaxial electric telescopic track.

2021  Officially launched the smart lithium battery version of motorized roller blinds.

2022 We launched the second generation of manual and motorized curtain telescopic tracks, along with the second generation of curtain robots, achieving even more foolproof and standardized installation.

2023 Continued upgrading with the third-generation curtain robot, introducing user-friendly features such as manual pull-to-start, automatic limit setting, and automatic track locking. Introduced the main and auxiliary motorized curtain system, giving birth to a cost-effective dual-track motorized curtain product.

In 2023, Zhihuang was awarded the R+T Asia Outstanding Supplier for Doors and Windows Sunshade: Emerging Brand Award and Media Recommendation Award.

Cooperated Smart Ecosystem

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