Zhihuang Technology at the R+T Exhibition: Demonstrating Chinese Smart Manufacturing

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Shenzhen Zhihuang Technology Co., Ltd., a company dedicated to the development and production of smart shading and smart home products, recently welcomed two significant guests at the R+T Asia exhibition – Senior Project Manager Wang Chengyu and South China Regional Market Manager Yu Min. Their visit signifies not only recognition of Zhihuang’s products and technology but also symbolizes future cooperation opportunities.

Historical Overview and Achievements

As a company with many years of history, Zhihuang has been focusing on developing and producing smart shading and smart home products since its establishment in 1998. In 2009, the company formed a sun-shading motor research and development team and launched its first generation of electric products in 2010, marking the transition from manual to electric products. With market development and technological progress, Zhihuang officially began its overseas business in 2017 and achieved a significant breakthrough at the R+T exhibition in Stuttgart, Germany, in 2018.

Looking back on the cooperation with the R+T exhibition, it has been a succession of successes for Zhihuang. With continuous product upgrades and technological innovations, Zhihuang has presented new products and technologies at each exhibition, gradually winning recognition and favor from users.

Successes at R+T Exhibitions

Especially in 2018, Zhihuang bravely crossed national borders to participate in the R+T exhibition in Stuttgart, Germany. As one of the largest sun-shading product exhibitions globally, the R+T exhibition provided Zhihuang with a unique platform to display and promote its products. Zhihuang showcased its latest research and development of smart curtain motors, attracting the attention of many international audiences and professionals with its advanced technology and innovative design. Zhihuang’s booth became one of the exhibition’s highlights, marking its first brilliant performance on the international stage.

Engaging International Audience

The exhibition was not only a platform for product display but also an opportunity for interaction. In the 2019 exhibition, Zhihuang met enthusiastic customers from India, who shared their local culture and snacks, enhancing understanding and friendship. At the same time, Zhihuang encountered many outstanding seniors in the industry for in-depth exchanges, enriching the exhibition experience.

Milestone at the 2021 R+T Exhibition

The 2021 R+T exhibition was another important milestone for Zhihuang. The company’s dedication attracted the attention of the outdoor reporters from CCTV’s “Extraordinary Craftsmen” program. Representatives introduced Zhihuang’s practices and achievements in industry development, corporate planning, social responsibility, and core values. This not only showcased Zhihuang’s industry status but also its commitment to social responsibility.

Launch of the Third-Generation Curtain Motor

In 2023, Zhihuang launched its third-generation curtain motor at the R+T exhibition. This product, with its compact size and powerful functionality, garnered widespread attention and became a star product of the exhibition. It not only improved the operation experience of manual curtains but also led the new trend in smart curtain control technology.

Looking forward to the future, Zhihuang is eager for the next meeting at the 2024 Shanghai R+T exhibition. As an important sun-shading product exhibition in the Asia region, the R+T Asia exhibition provides Zhihuang with a platform for in-depth exchanges with industry professionals and partners, showcasing the latest products and technologies.

Zhihuang is committed to providing users with high-quality, intelligent curtain products through continuous innovation and quality assurance. With the rapid development of the smart home market, Zhihuang believes that with its excellent products and professional team, it will achieve greater success in the future and bring more convenient and comfortable life experiences to users. Zhihuang’s ongoing cooperation with the R+T exhibition will continue to drive the development of the smart curtain field, creating more opportunities and value. Zhihuang will continue to shine in the international market, demonstrating the innovative strength of China’s smart manufacturing industry, looking forward to reuniting with global partners at the 2024 Shanghai R+T exhibition.

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