The following is the instruction manual for ZM83E track, including curtain motor system kit and the installation steps of the spliced curtain track, which is a detailed introduction for you.

First of all, let’s start with a systematic understanding of the structure of curtain motors and their main functions!

Spliced Curtain Track Motor Kit System

  • Super silent design
  • Automatic limit setting
  • Power off manual function
  • Wireless control: RF remote, ZigBee, Bluetooth
  • Resistance and stop function
  • Hand light touch-start function
  • Resistance then plus pulling function
  • Wide voltage power supply
  • Smart home connection
  • Third position limit
  • Fabric rebound journey correction
  • A variety of control methods, compatibility is strong
  • Long service life, durable
  • Speed adjustable

Button Manual

RJ11: Used for weak current control: Dry contact control, RS485 control, etc. Connect to the data center for controlling by means of a data cable, which is a wired control.

Remote Instruction

  1. By ‘+’ or ‘-‘ to switch channels, each channel can be connected with one or a group of motors for control. Each channel can control 50 motors to work at the same time.
  2. Channel C: It can control all the motors which are connected with this remote at the same time.
  3. Click the remote control “Set key” to enter the motor function setting state. For details, please refer to the motor and remote control manuals.

Okay, now let’s take a look at what’s included in the Splice Track Curtain Motor Kit and exactly what it’s used for!

Product List

Annotation ① Description: If the track length is not enough, we can use the extended hook
to extend the track length. Hang it on Master and Sub driver, it will work.
Annotation ② Description: A: Belt gauge: Measure the belt during assembly to confirm the position that needs to be cut.
B: lock head: For lock on belt with the belt gauge, to fix and cut belt. Please check the assembly instruction for cutting belt steps 3-6.

Curtain Motor Standard Spliced Track

Curtain track built-in quantity (Note: The track will have a tolerance range of 1-2mm during production, which is a normal phenomenon.)

  • Multiple size track combination
  • Rapid assembly at home
  • Easy storage, ready delivery
  • Integrated collocation, concise, for beautiful life

Note: 1000mm, 500mm, 200mm, 100mm are the length.

  1. The track length sizes include 1000mm, 500mm, 200m, 100mm.
  2. Track connectors have two sizes: 200m and 100mm.
  3. Use tracks of different lengths, through connectors, and combine them together.

Seeing this, do you know how spliced curtain tracks are assembled? The following will tell you~

Curtain Track Assembly Specification

Step 1: Splicing track

Step 2: Cut the belt

Step 3: Assembly pulley 1

Step 4: Assembly pulley 2

Step 5: Assembly ending

Annotation ③ Clamping ear installation:

  1. Twist spacers B and A through screws to the state shown in Figure I.
  2. Put A and B into the end track driver in a separate state, as shown in Figure II and Figure Ⅲ.
  3. Put it into the correct position of the end track driver, twist the screws to lock A and B to the driver, as shown in Figure IV.

Step 6: Install the motor

  1. Install the track on the wall: install the top bracket (one for every 50cm)
  2. Put the curtain motor in the track, and turn on the electricity.
  3. The motor is connected to the remote control

① Choose one of the channels to connect with the motor by ‘+’ or ‘-‘ button.
② The motor is connected to the power supply, and then press the motor’s ‘Set key’ once, the motor pilot lamp light then press the ‘Up/open key’ in less than 5 seconds. At last, the motor light flashes out, the connection is successful.

4. Please hang the curtain fabric on the hanging wheels, and hang the two ends of the fabric on the end hook or extension hook to fix the two ends of the curtain.

After a general understanding of the ZM83 curtain splicing track assembly. Let’s find out about the loads for different tracks and lengths.

Load Meter

Installation is one of the most important concerns for users, and the following are suggestions for installation environment requirements.

Installation Environment Requirements

Minimum size of straight rail curtain box

Minimum size of 90°curved rail curtain box

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