Smart WiFi Converter Instruction (ZC181A)

The following are the instructions for using the smart WiFi converter, including technical parameters, power supply, network configuring steps, etc. Please feel free to check.

Smart WiFi Converter

WiFi curtain driver converter

First, let’s check the parameters of smart WiFi converter.

Technical Parameters

Product model: ZC181A
Product model: WiFi Converter
Power supply: USB 5V/1A
Frequency: WiFi 2.4G/ RF433.92MHz

Next, Connecting the motor requires an application

Download the APP

Scan the QR code below, or search for “smart life” in any app store, to download the app.

Finally, the distribution network and connection of the converter to the motor is done in 3 steps.

Power Supply and Access to the Distribution Network

⚠ The same operation is performed when reconfiguring the network.

Power up the WiFi converter
In the case of power on, long press the converter’s “Set key” within 5 seconds until the converter pilot lamp flashes rapidly mode, waiting to connect with the app.

Configure the Network and Connect the Converter to the Motor

⚠ Scan the QR code below, or search for”smart life”in any app store, to download the app.

1. In the case of power
on, click”+”in the upper right corner.
2. Select “Add Device”.
3. Enter search status

4. After searching for a device, select the device to add.
5. Select the WiFi for your device, then next step.
6. The device is added successfully, click “DONE”。

7. On the motor control page, click “∠”
in the upper right corner to enter the motor technical parameter setting page, you can check
the device information, change the name and so on.
8. Click “More” to enter the motor setting item.
You can do more operations on the motor.

1. Open the APP control interface.
2. Press the motor’s “Set key” once.
3. Press the “Up/ open key” on the APP control interface once within 5 seconds.
4. Connection completed

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