Sliding Window Opener Brief Installation Introduction (ZM901E-DT)

ZM901E Sliding Window Opener

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Below are the 7 steps to install the sliding window opener; based on the illustration it can better help you install it.

Window Opener Installation

1. Lock the mounting bracket on the same line of the window with self-tapping screws as shown in the figure; Don’t lock it completely, leave room for movement.

2. Put the back slot of the electric track on the mounting bracket, as shown below.

3. After moving the track to the proper position, turn the mounting bracket to fix the track on the mounting bracket, and press it in place;as shown below.

4. Select a suitable position according to the size of the window and place the window fixing component on the pulley arm,as shown in Figure 6; Draw the hole position of the screw, and then use the screw to fix the window fixing component to the window, as shown in Figure 7.

5. Set the window fixing component on the track pulley arm, then push the window to the end of the motor direction, and then fix the fixed lock in the track to the position close to the pulley, as shown below.

6. Install the motor on the driver, and turn the motor buckle to the position to avoid falling off as shown in the figure. below

7. Electrify the motor and connect to the remote control (refer to the motor manual), then install the protective cover sea cup on both sides of cover as shown as below figure 11, and finally cover the track and motor with the protective cover, and fix the protective cover to the window with screws as shown below.

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