Important questions about smart motor products and sales (2019)

Important questions about roller blind motor products and sales 2

Roller blind motor load

1. Regarding the roller blind motor, how many kilograms can one motor (25-1.3N/30 enhanced version) hold?  And what is the longest length of tube that can be used with the motor?

  • a. For the 25-1.3N/30 enhanced version, if 38 tube is used, it can support 6kg  and the length of the tube is up to 3 meters.
  • b. Conversion formula: Load = Torque / Tube radius * 100

2. Tubular Motor for roller blind which has bigger & faster rated RPM Faster rated RPM.

  • a. All series of 16~25 motors are DC motors. All series of 35~59 motors are AC motors
  • b. The DC motor will not get hot, so it will not have a “thermal protection” function. The AC motor will get hot and will have an overheat protection function. When the temperature reaches 100 degrees Celsius, the overheat protection will stop working. It can work continuously for 1 to 2 minutes when the temperature drops to 66 degrees Celsius. If it is completely cooled, it can work continuously for 4 minutes.
  • c. For the same motor, the size of the aluminum tube can be changed with the crown drive. The conventional sizes are:The aluminum tube of the 25 motor is a 30 round tube And 38 slot tube, 35 & 45 motor aluminum tube is 50 round tube/55 slot tube/63 slot tube.
  • d. Speed = distance/time. Calculate the distance per unit time through the rotation speed and the radius of the aluminum tube, and calculate the speed. The speed determines the height and length it carries.
  • e. 16-25 motors are all DC motors, so they will not encounter overheating problems. Therefore, no thermal protection is required. Therefore, a 6.5-meter-long roller blind fabric is also It can be scrolled continuously. * But if it is a 35 motor, you will encounter thermal protection problems. When reaching 100 degrees Celsius, the motor will be thermally protected and stop working. go through. Test, generally it will reach 100 degrees Celsius in 4 minutes, and it will enter the thermal protection state. How many meters it is carried to enter thermal protection depends on the outer diameter of the aluminum tube.
  • f. by the way, the current curtain motors are all DC motors.

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How can tubular motors be networked? 2 important steps

Took on a project and don’t know how to network the curtain motors from ZH when it comes to construction?

Don’t worry, please follow the steps below to connect

1. Make sure the motor is powered. If it is a lithium battery model, please make sure the power switch is turned on.

2. Next, put the motor into networking mode

Method 1: Tap the motor setting key 3 times continuously within 5 seconds, and after the motor shakes, it enters the distribution mode.

Method 2: Make sure the motor has been associated with the remote control, tap the remote control SET key 6 times continuously within 5 seconds, the display shows 6, tap the stop key 1 time within 3 seconds, and the motor shakes, then enter the distribution mode. 
(The premise of using method 2 is that the remote control has been connected to the motor.Just choose one of methods one and two.)


If it is Zigbee version, you need to associate Zigbee gateway, please make sure that the gateway is already working properly, then associate the motor under that gateway.

If it is Bluetooth version, please make sure whether there is Bluetooth gateway.

 – If there is no Bluetooth gateway, only the associated mobile phone can control the motor, and the motor cannot be shared with other members of the family.

– If it is associated with a Bluetooth gateway, the device can be shared for other members to use and remote control is supported.

This method applies to our intelligent motorized roller blinds motors, Motorized zebra shades motors, motorized Shangri-La blinds, Motorized honeycomb blinds, Motorized Roman blinds, venetian blinds, day and night blinds, and a series of lifting roller blinds categories.

Network configuration of the 24 motor

However, the 24 motors have different set key positions, please see the picture below:

Incidentally: The curtain  motors are also applicable, except that after the set key is pressed three times in a row, the curtain motor does not shake into networking mode, but the indicator light blinks into networking mode.

But the setting method is the same

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