The following are the installation guides for the electric telescopic track, which are detailed instructions for you.

First, let’s take a quick look at the components of the motorized curtain telescopic track system.

Electric Telescopic Track System

The table below details the components of the motorized telescopic track and the required collocation. please check!

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Do you know how electric telescopic track is installed? Get the quick guide now!

Step 1: Telescopic the track to the suitable length.

Step 2: Rotate the track to the bottom and tighten the fixed screw of the telescopic adjustment.

Step 3: Push the adjustment buckle to the “CLOSE” position, and then push the left and right
carriers to both sides of the track (This step is to make the carriers meet at the midpoint
of the track when they are closed at the same time).

Step 4: Push the adjustment buckle to the”OPEN”position and slide one of the carriers
(you will see that the carriers on the left and right sides can be linked).

Step 6: Then please install the track on the wall and use the motor operation instructions.

Operation Video

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