Chain Window Opener Instruction (ZM90E-DT)

The following is the instruction manual for chain window opener, including basic information, installation mode, common installation, product accessories instructions and installation steps of window opener, setup instructions for the remote control, and instructions for networking the motor with the App (WiFi versions), etc.; Please feel free to check!

To begin, let’s take a brief look at the main functions, and button manual of the electric window opener motor.

ZM90E-DT Chain Window Opener

  • Super silent design
  • Wide voltage power supply
  • Automatic limit setting
  • Wireless remote control and receiver
  • Smart home connection
  • Third position limit
  • Percentage control
  • Long service life, durable

Button Manual

Product Feature

  • Wireless connection: ZigBee, WiFi, RS-485
  • Smart home system control
  • Sound control connection: Amazon Alexa, Google
  • Electronic overload cutoff protector
  • Endurance tests (30000 cycles) are carried out
  • Suitable for top / center-pivoted / hopper window, casement window, heavy skylight, to open or close
  • Color: The standard color is Grey. If need other colors, need to be customized
  • Motor bracket, screw, chain connector bracket Material: stainless steel 304 material


The length of the motor and the power supply are shown in the figure.

Product Length (mm)




Power Supply

Window openers are installed as you can see in 6 modes. it’s flexible and versatile to meet your different living scenarios.

Installation Mode of Chain Window Opener

Right Push out
Right Pull in
Center-pivoted window
Top Push out
Top Pull in
Skylight Push out

Common Installation of window opener and their considerations can be found here.

Common Installation of Chain Window Opener

1. Push out – no windowsill installation
2. Push out – windowsill installation
3. Pull – open installation
4. Curtain wall window installation

Matters need attention

  1. The motor Opening Travel limit must not be longer than the window opening limit, otherwise it will damage the window and motor.
  2. Make sure the motor is parallel to the window when installed.
  3. When the window is closed, make sure the chain is completely closed.

By the way, there are also product accessories, and installation steps are here. Follow these 4 steps to install and you can do it!

Product Accessories Introduction

① Window opener motor
② 2 PCS Hex Screw
③ 2 PCS Motor installation bracket
④ 1 of R-lock pin
⑤ 1 of Chain connector bracket
⑥ 1 of T-lock pin
⑦ 8 PCS Screw (ST5*16)
⑧ Remote signal antenna
⑨ Rain Water sensors

Installation Steps

Step 1

  1. First, the Chain connector bracket and Motor installation bracket are assembled with the motor.
  2. Close the window completely.
  3. Place the motor in the middle of the window as much as possible, and make the motor chain perpendicular to the window, as shown in the diagram. After confirming the installation position, mark the position of the Chain connector bracket and Motor bracket.

Step 2

  1. Remove motor and Chain connector fittings.
  2. Fix the Chain connector with ST5*16 screws in the marked position.

Step 3

  1. Dismantle Motor bracket fittings from motor.
  2. Fix the left and Right Motor brackets with ST5*16 screws in the marked position.

Step 4

  1. Fix the window opener to the Motor bracket with a Hex screw.
  2. Use the T-lock pin to fix the chain and chain connector bracket, and then use the R-lock pin to lock.

Installation, use, and maintenance notes are listed, please keep patience.

Installation matters need attention

  1. The window opener can run a round trip before installation, to check whether the window opener is in good condition before installation;
  2. Check whether the window opening travel limit is longer than the window opener opening travel limit and whether the window opening works as well;
  3. When installing the Chain connector bracket, the T-lock pin direction should be consistent with the chain connection port;
  4. Chain and window casing can not contact, need to maintain more than 3 mm distance;
  5. The window opener should turn off the electricity of the controller before working to prevent the danger of electric shock;
  6. When the window opener is running, do not put your hand between the window frame and the window sash to prevent the danger of hand clamping;
  7. The window opener installation must be performed by a professionally trained personnel to install and connect the wiring. The installer must be familiar with the technical parameter standards and safety standards of the intelligent window control system.

Use and maintenance considerations

  1. When this product is installed, the installation personnel must operate according to the national safety rules to ensure operation safety;
  2. This product can not be directly installed in the rain the outdoors;
  3. This product is not configured to prevent clamping hand function, when installation or use should pay attention to safety; 4. When it’s an AC motor, plug it directly into the VAC 220 power socket;
  4. Customers who purchase our products should contact us and register in time to obtain warranty service and after-sale maintenance service;
  5. Ensure windows are safe during installation and removal of window opener to avoid accidents;
  6. If the window opener is installed at a height of more than 25 meters, provide the installation personnel with a platform or support;
  7. If the window opener function failure and damage, please contact the seller or after-sales service engineer, do not use the window opener before repair; Every year must regularly check whether the wire is damaged, installation bracket and other fasteners fixed condition.

After a general understanding of window motor, you should be eager to know how to control them, right? Here’s how to control the window opener by remote control.

Remote Control and Network Setting Manual

These operations only work for the remote control within the effective control distance, and the motor is in the power-on state, otherwise it doesn’t work.

⚠ Choose one of the channel to connect with the motor by ‘+’ or ‘-‘ button.

⚠ When the control direction is opposite,you can use the remote control to change direction, repeatable this operation to switch.

⚠ Delete the remote control current channel from all he motor.

Chain Window Opener Video

How to control motorized chain window opener via the remote?

Yea~ Knowing how the remote control works, it’s even easier to control the chain window opener motor with a mobile phone App. Here are the networking steps for the WiFi versions of the APP, let your windows move!

Smart Life App User Manual (TY-WiFi version motor)

Scan the QR code as below, or search “Smart life” in any App store, to download the App.

Method 1: If the configuration fails, in the case of power on, please press the motor set key 3 times in 5 seconds. The indicator flashes rapidly mode, confirm the indicator flashes rapidly, and reconnect once time.
Method 2: Or pressing the remote control Set key 6 times, then press the stop key once less in 5 seconds, indicator into flash rapidly mode, confirm the indicator flashes rapidly, and reconnect once time.

Click “Add Device” on the app home page or the ‘+’ sign at the top right corner to go to t he “All Devices” page, where devices can be selected and added as necessary, choose “Curtains”.
Note: Please make sure your phone and smart device are connected in the same WiFi.

Indicator description

  • Lights flash quickly: Configuring network.
  • Lights flash slowly: AP Mode Configuring.
  • Lights turn on and keep: Has connected to the router and cloud.
  • Lights turn off: After the light turns on for 3 seconds, the light turns off and the WiFi configuration is successful.

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