App User Manual (Bluetooth Mesh Tubular Motor)

The following is the instruction manual for Bluetooth Mesh tubular motor, please feel free to check!

Bluetooth Mesh Tubular Motor

Scan the QR code as below, or search “Smart life” in any App store, to download the App. .

This operation can also be performed when the gateway cannot find the device or the network needs to be reconfigured.

Method 1: In the case of power on, please press the motor ‘Set key’ 3 times in 5 seconds, the motor tremble once, waiting for connect with the App.

Method 2: Or pressing the remote control ‘Set key’ 6 times, the screen shows 6, then continue to press the ‘Stop key’ once time quickly in less than 5 seconds, the motor will tremble once. Now it is waiting to be connected with the App.

If the configuration fails, please reconnect once.
(The premise of using method 2 is that the remote control has been connected to the motor.)

⚠ Please follow these steps to configure the motor.

1. Please turn on the Bluetooth of your mobile phone first, and then enter the App after the main interface will automatically pop up a new device, click “Add”.

2. Enter the Add Device interface, click “+” to add the motor, then reset the device name, after the addition is successful, click “Done”.
3. Enter the motor control page, now you can control the motor by App as well. Enter the motor setting page, can change the motor direction, and so on.
4. On the motor control page, click “∠” in the upper right corner to enter the motor technical parameter setting page,you can check the device information, change the name, and so on.

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