The following is the instruction manual for ZM83EL battery curtain motor, including the setup instructions for the remote control, the networking instructions of the motor with the App (ZigBee, Bluetooth versions), as well as the charging power supply and the weak current wired control (RJ11) of the ZM83EL curtain motor, etc.; the following is a detailed introduction for you.

First of all, let’s start with a systematic understanding of the structure of battery curtain motors and their main functions!

ZM83EL Battery Curtain Motor

  • Built-in lithium battery
  • Super silent design
  • Automatic limit setting
  • Power off manual function
  • Wireless control: RF remote, ZigBee, Bluetooth
  • Resistance and stop function
  • Hand light touch-start function
  • Third position limit
  • Fabric rebound journey correction
  • Long service life, durable
  • Resistance then plus pulling function

Button Manual

RJ11: Used for weak current control: Dry contact control, RS485 control, etc. Connect to the data center for controlling center by means of a data cable, which is a wired control.

Please feel free to check the curtain ZM83EL battery curtain motor parameters~

Technical Parameters

Charging voltage5V
Input current2A
Battery capacity3200mAh
Rated voltage7.4V
Max power21W
Max current2.5A
Receive frequency433.92Mhz
Receive sensitivity-96dBM

Of course, in addition to the curtain motor, there are remote controls (optional), which have different functions for different models!

Remote Control Instruction

Okay, let’s get into the instructions for the charging power supply and weak current control mode for battery curtain motors.

Charging Power Supply Instructions

⚠ LOW BATTERY: The motor will raise an alarm with a voice “Di” to warm low battery.
PIease charge the device then avoid over-discharge to damage motor or abnormal operation.
Full charge the device for 6 hours before first use.
Please charge the device for at least 6 hours every 3 months to prolong the battery life.

* When charging the motor, it is necessary to use the factory-configured charging cable to charge.

Weak current control switch connection

Operation Manual

  1. If press “Open/ Close/ Stop Switch”, the curtain Open/ Close turn; If press “Open/ Close/ Stop Switch” again, the curtain stop.
  2. If press “Close/ Open/ Stop Switch”, the curtain Close/ Open turn; If press “Close/ Open/ Stop Switch” again, the curtain stop.

Operation Manual

  1. If press “Open/ Close/ Stop Switch”, the curtain Open/ Close turn; If press “Open/ Close/ Stop Switch” again, the curtain stop.
  2. If press “Close/ Open/ Stop Switch”, the curtain Close/ Open turn; If press “Close/ Open/ Stop Switch” again, the curtain stop.
  3. If press “Stop Switch”, then the curtain stop.

RJ11 (4Pin) Weak current wired control:

  1. Dry contact control: use ①②③④ pin channel to wiring, please refer to the above two wiring methods
  2. 485control: use ②③ pin channel to wiring, when it is necessary to communicate signals through 485, connect an external 485 controller.

Note: The motor of the wireless intelligent version does not have the 485 protocol control function.

1. Please pull out the module box and turn on the power switch before use.

2. Turning off the power switch when not in use for a long time is recommended.

After a general understanding of ZM83EL curtain motors, you should be eager to know how to control them, right? Here’s how to control the curtain motor by remote control.

Remote Control and Network Setting Manual

These operations only work for the remote control within the effective control distance, and the motor is in the power-on state, otherwise it doesn’t work.

Automatically set limit

  1. Control the curtain to open, it will automatically stop when it goes to the fully open state, and the automatic setting of the open limit is completed. (Figure A)
  2. Control the curtain to close, it will automatically stop when it goes to the fully closed state, and the automatic setting of the close limit is completed. (Figure B)

If the travel limit position is wrong, please click the motor’s ‘Set key’ 5 times within 5 seconds to delete the limit, and reset it. (Please check delete limit steps)

Delete the remote current channel from the motor

Delete current remote from the motor

To cancel the connection between the motor and current remote all channels.

Delete all remote control from the motor

Quickly speed setting

Middle speed setting

Slow speed setting

The following functions can be set as personal needs.

Change the remote control direction

When the control direction is opposite, the remote control can be used to switch the direction, and you can repeat the operation to switch.

Inching or continuation move action

When the inching action is needed, perform the following operations. (Repeat this operation can switch back to the continuation move mode.)

Lock or open the remote channel

If you need to hide the extra channels, you can perform the following operations. (Repeat the operation to unlock channel.)

Lock the channel: Do this operation when you have chosen the channel which you want to lock.
Open the channel: Do this operation whatever any channel.
(Repeat this operation for lock or open the channel.)

You can delete the limit at any position

Method 1: Remote control deletes position limit

Method 2: Motor’s ‘Set key’ deletes position limit

Press the motor’s ‘Set key’ 5 times in less than 5 seconds; At last, the motor light flashes out, set successfully.

Yea~ Knowing how the remote control works, it’s even easier to control the curtain motor with a mobile phone App, 2 versions of APP networking have been arranged, so read on!

Instructional Video

How to connect the ZM83EL battery curtain motor with the remote control?

App User Manual (ZigBee/ Bluetooth version motor)

Scan the QR code as below, or search “Smart life” in any App store, to download the App. Then please add the ZigBee or Bluetooth gateway into App first.

This operation can also be performed when the gateway cannot find the device or the network needs to be reconfigured.

Method 1: In the case of power on, please press the motor ‘Set key’ 3 times in 5 seconds. The motor will make a sound “Di”, waiting to connect with the App.
Method 2: Or pressing the remote control ‘Set key’ 6 times, the screen shows 6, then continue to press the ‘Stop key’ once time quickly in less than 5 seconds. The motor will make a sound “Di”, waiting to connect with the App.

If the configuration fails, please reconnect once.
(The premise of using method 2 is that the remote control has been connected to the motor.)

⚠ Please follow these steps to configure the motor.

1. Please make sure that the ZigBee or Bluetooth gateway is connected to the App, and then enter the homepage to choose the gateway which you want to connect.
2. Under the ZigBee page, “Add subdevice”.

3. The App will now search for the device and register to your account. Choose the curtain motor to connect, then reset the Device Name.

4. Back to the ZigBee page, choose the motor which you just added.

5. Enter the motor control page, now you can control the motor by App as well. Enter the motor setting page, can set the motor limit, timing control, change the motor direction, and so on.
6. On the motor control page, click “∠” in the upper right corner to enter the motor technical parameter setting page, you can check the device information, change the name, and so on.

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