86 AC Power Heavy Current Control Receiver Instruction (ZC207B-1)

The following is the instruction manual for heavy current control receiver, including basic information, the heavy current control wiring of the receiver, instructions for setting up the remote control, and instructions for networking the receiver with the App (WiFi versions), etc.; Please feel free to check!

To begin, let’s take a brief look at the main features, and button manual of the AC power receiver.

ZC207B-1 86 Receiver

  • Long service life
  • Wireless remote control
  • Wide voltage power supply
  • Smart home connection
  • Fire retardant ABS
  • Over current protection

Button Manual

Next is an instruction on the receiver’s parameters and wiring.

Technical Parameters

Wire with a groups of external AC power supply and controlled motor

Channel numberOutput currentDimensionReceive frequencyRated frequencyWorking voltage
Total 1≤3A86*86mm433.92MHz50HZ110VAC-240VAC

Product Length(mm)

Wiring Instruction

Heavy current control wiring for motor and receiver

  • Yellow/ green cord is the earth wire
  • Blue cord is the neutral wire
  • Red cord is a natural turn
  • Brown cord is the live wire
  • The black cord is a Reverse turn

After a general understanding of receiver, you should be eager to know how to control them, right? Here’s how to control the receiver by remote control.

Remote Control and Network Setting Manual

These operations only work for the remote control within the effective control distance, and the receiver is in the power-on state, otherwise it doesn’t work.

First running the receiver to the limit position you want to set and pause, and then perform the following operations. If the receiver has travel limit already, you need to clear the original travel before reset it.

Up limit setting

Down limit setting

Third position limit setting

You can delete the limit at any position

Delete up limit

Delete down limit

Delete third position limit

The limit back to factory mode (Delete all the limits)

The following functions can be set as personal needs.

Change the remote control direction

When the control direction is opposite, the remote control can be used to switch the direction, and you can repeat the operation to switch.

Inching or continuation move action

When the inching action is needed, perform the following operations. (Repeat this operation can switch back to the continuation move mode.)

Lock or open the remote channel

If you need to hide the extra channels, you can perform the following operations. (Repeat the operation to unlock channel.)

Lock the channel: Do this operation when you have chosen the channel which you want to lock.
Open the channel: Do this operation whatever any channel.
(Repeat this operation for lock or open the channel.)

Delete the remote current channel from the receiver

Delete current remote from the receiver

To cancel the connection between the receiver and current remote all channels.

Delete all remote control from the receiver

Please feel free to contact us if you notice any faults with your motor other than those listed below.

Usual Malfunction

MalfunctionPossible reasonThe way for obviating malfunction
Motor no actionPower supply failureCheck the power supply
Motor can not get to the expected positionThe limits confuse due to wrong operationDo the motor travel limit initialization by remote or motor’s ‘set key
Motor without action controlled by switchThe cable or switch is brokenCheck the cable and switch
Remote control failsThe current channel is not the right channel
saved by motor
Press the remote ‘channel key’ to switch to the channel motor have learned
Remote control failsBattery insufficiencyCharge the remote control
Remote control failsToo distant rangeDo not use the remote beyond the control range
Motor stops midwayThe fabric too heavyCheck the weight of fabric if beyond the max load capacity of motor
Motor stops midwayFabric blockedCheck if the track or the fabric is blocked
Other malfunctionsIf above method can not solve the problem, Please contact your dealerIf above method can not solve the problem, Please contact your dealer


Yea~ Knowing how the remote control works, it’s even easier to control the receiver with the App. Here are the networking steps for the WiFi versions of APP.

Smart Life App User Manual (TY-WiFi version receiver)

Scan the QR code as below, or search “Smart life” in any App store, to download the App.

Method 1: Remove the switch receiver cover, and press the receiver ‘Set key’ 3 times in less than 5 seconds, then the indicator flashes rapidly. Now it is waiting to be connected with the App.
Method 2: Or pressing the remote control ‘Set key’ 6 times, the screen shows 6, then continue to press the ‘Stop key’ once quickly in less than 5 seconds. the indicator flashes rapidly. Now it is waiting to be connected with the App.

If the configuration fails, reconnect once time. The premise of using method 2 is that the Receiver has been connected with the remote control.

Click “+” in the upper right corner to enter the add device page, select Add Manually, or automatically discover and add.
Note: Please make sure your phone and smart device are connected in the same WiFi.
  • Lights flash quickly: Configuring network.
  • Lights flash slowly: AP Mode Configuring.
  • Lights turn on and keep: Has connected to the router and cloud.
  • Lights turn off: After the light turns on for 3 seconds, the light turns off and the WiFi configuration is successful.

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