Sparking Innovation, Together Shaping the Future -2024 Strategy Meeting

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Following the grand closure of the Shenzhen International Home Textiles and Accessories Expo, our company hosted an exceptional strategic round-table discussion, marking a closer bond with our partners. This meeting was not merely a business exchange but a profound strategic alignment aimed at exploring future product development directions and strengthening partnerships.

Meeting Commencement

Our Mr. Li opened the meeting with a welcoming speech, expressing gratitude for the long-standing support of our partners and emphasizing their vital role in our company’s development. Subsequently, our Chairman, Mr. Yang, outlined the company’s future development plans, including new product research and development, market expansion strategies, and the importance of continuous innovation.

In-depth Strategic Discussions(In the strategy meeting)

Following the opening remarks, the meeting delved into the main theme discussions. We highlighted several upcoming new products that represent the latest embodiment of our technological innovation capabilities, anticipated to attract widespread market attention. All partners expressed keen interest in this information and engaged in deep discussions on how to more effectively apply these new technologies in the market. Each partner actively shared their insights, such as Mr. Cheng from Shanxi, who offered many valuable suggestions.

In particular, Mr. Miao from Inner Mongolia’s comments and suggestions on the electric telescopic curtain track resonated greatly within the meeting. His insights, based on a deep understanding of the market and attention to consumer needs, prompted us to reconsider the starting and ending points of product design – not just pursuing technological innovation, but focusing on how to turn these innovations into practical products that meet user needs. We realized that future product development needs to pay more attention to interaction with and feedback from customers, which will be an important driving force for our continuous progress and innovation.

Sample Viewing and Interaction(Post-strategic meeting)

During the break, we invited everyone to visit the sample display area. Here, we exhibited our classic curtain motors and several new products soon to hit the market, including some revolutionary technological applications. This interactive display allowed everyone to understand the features and application scenarios of each sample more intuitively, providing more information support for the subsequent discussions.

An Important Step in Deepening Cooperative Relations

Through this round-table discussion, we not only deepened our understanding of the market and customer needs but also further strengthened our cooperative relationships with partners. In a relaxed meeting atmosphere, everyone freely discussed future cooperation opportunities and explored various cooperation models and potential projects. This face-to-face communication deepened mutual understanding and trust, laying a solid foundation for further in-depth cooperation in the future. We firmly believe that through continuous communication and collaboration, we can occupy a favorable position in future market competition and achieve our common development goals.

Casual Dinner Exchange

After the meeting, we gathered for a casual dinner in a more relaxed and intimate setting. Here, while enjoying authentic cuisine, we continued informal discussions on industry trends, product innovation, and other topics. Such exchanges allowed everyone to understand each other better in a relaxed atmosphere.

Looking Forward to the Future

Although this strategic round-table discussion has concluded, the insights and impacts it brought will influence our company’s development direction and strategic planning for a long time. We will continue to adhere to the concept of open cooperation, closely follow market dynamics and customer needs, and provide more market-demanded products and solutions through continuous technological innovation and quality service. We will also continue to explore and practice more flexible and effective communication and cooperation methods, welcoming new opportunities in industry development with all our partners to create a better future together.

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