New Smart Home Application-Smart Curtain Solution 2023

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Curtains automation, why more mass marketable?

  • Traditional curtains are opened and closed manually or with the help of curtain sticks.
  • When the window area is large, the window is high, or thicker curtain fabric is installed, it is more laborious to do it manually, and it is easy to cause damage to the curtain fabric.
  • Motorized opening and closing curtains have been widely used in Europe, the US, and other developed countries. They are not only motorized, but also can be automated by infrared, radio remote control, or timing control, and can use sunlight, temperature, wind, and other electronic sensors to achieve intelligent operation of the product, reduce people’s labor intensity, and extend the service life of the curtain products.

Currtain Is Here To Stay

Currtain from the finished product manufacturing (curtain motors + curtain fabrics + smart home control systems) to on-site measurement and installation, to create one-stop building shading and home smart automation solutions for Business offices, Public buildings, hotels, villas, and High-end apartments.

Product selection – design – measurement – process – installation of one-stop, to achieve the practical application of intelligent curtain solution cases.

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Motorized Lift Curtains Information

  • Motor Used: High-end Curtain Motor
  • Motor Model: ZM70E-DT/ ZM75E-DT
  • Motor Highlights: 1. Support for intelligent control; 2. Light touch-start function; 3. high voltage control, low voltage control

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Case Video

Helpers for high windows | Easy to remove and clean
Large, heavy, or high-positioned curtains are inconvenient to pull by hand and are not easy to remove and wash; However, if you install motorized Lift curtains you can one-touch control to lift curtain, which makes them easy to clean and protect them.

Motorized Lift Curtain – Combination of our high-end curtain motors ZM70E-DT or ZM75E-DT and ZM45 tubular motor.

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Smart Curtain IS Here To Stay

Nowadays, with the transformation and enhancement of consumer attitudes, the main body of consumption has also undergone a significant change, the 80s and 90s are willing to accept new things – smart curtains, through the actual purchase experience.

Smart curtains in the field of whole-house intelligent applications have gradually become a standard product for real estate finishing. Accompanied by the development of 5G + AIoT technology, the industry is also experiencing the transformation and upgrading of motorized curtains to smart curtains.

Smart Curtains Information

  • Motor Used: Smart Curtain Motor
  • Motor Model: ZM79E-DT, ZM83E-DT, ZM83EL, etc.
  • Motor Highlights: 1. Smart Home Curtain Motor Package Standard Spliced Track; 2. Support timing control, voice control, remote control, percentage control, APP remote control, temperature sensor control; 3. With ultra-low power consumption, it works with gateways and supports linkage control and remote reminder.

Case Video

Smart curtains can open and close the curtains freely, with just a remote control, an app, a voice, or even a gesture!

As you see in the video, smart curtains system can understand the owner’s voice, just say the command word, such as “open curtains”, and the curtains will slowly open. (Feedback from a customer in Malaysia)

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