Important questions about remote control products and sales

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Important questions about remote control Products and Sales

Remote control charging problem

1. How long does it take to charge for the first time ?

a. It can be fully charged in 30-60 minutes.

2. How do you know that the battery is fully charged?

a. The charging status shows a red light
b. When fully charged, it shows the blue light

3. How many months can it be used on a single charge ?

a. According to the number of daily uses, it can be used for 3-4 months.

4. May I ask, if the charging status shows a red light, when I press it, will it be connected to the motor? Or do I need to wait for the full charge display ?

After the blue light comes on, you can press it to connect to the motor.
a. The charging status is normal and can be used
b. As long as the numbers on the digital screen are clearly displayed, you can control the motor.

Connecting the motor

1. How many motors can be connected to one remote control?

a. One remote control can be connected to many motors.
b. One channel can be connected to control 50 motors. If this is a 9 -channel remote control, 450 motors can be connected.
c. A motor can be connected to up to 20 signal channels.

d. When a channel sends a signal, it is like a microphone sending out sound, which can be heard by everyone present.

  • i. A channel emits a signal just like a microphone emits sound.
  • ii. The motor that receives the signal can hear the sound coming from the microphone just like the person present.
  • iii. The motor can be connected to up to 20 different signal channels.

2. For example, if I have 9 motors and want all 9 to open and close the curtains at the same time, I can use the same channel.

a. Hmm, yes.
b. You can also use Channel C, which is the channel before channel 1. Channel C can command all
Motor (includes all channels)
c. For example, channel 1 is connected to 3 motors, channel 2 is connected to 5 motors, and channel 7 is connected to 4 motors. Other channels are not connected.
i. Then this remote control is connected to a total of: 3+5+4=12 motors. When using channel C, it can control these 12 motors at the same time.

3. Okay, the C channel of the remote control controls all the motors associated with this remote control to operate together. Do I need to set this myself?

a. No, as long as you associate the remote control with the motor, channel C can control all the motors associated with the remote control. This function
No need to set it up yourself.
b. In addition, multiple motors associated with one channel can also be controlled at the same time. For example: Channel 1 is associated with 3 curtains ①②③ at the same time.
Channel 2 is associated with 1 curtain ④.
Then if controlled by channel C, it will control the above 4 curtains at the same time. Channel 1 will control the ①②③ curtains at the same time, and channel 2 will control the ④ window curtain.

4. To connect the same remote control channel with the motor ① 

and the motor ②, do you need to press the setting buttons of the 

two motors at the same time?

a. No, you don’t need to press at the same time.
b. Just press them one by one and repeat the setting steps.
c. For example, channel 1 has been associated with the motor ① today,

 and if you want to associate with the motor ② in a few days, then just 

follow the same steps to associate with ② again under channel 1 at that 

time to connect it to channel 1.

Demonstrations in specialty stores

1. Is it possible to set the motor timing switch? Used in scheduled demonstrations in specialty stores

a. Yes

b. To achieve this, send signal commands through the timed remote control.

c. Other things to note are:

  • i. For this special remote control, we have set up a loop in the remote control. So as long as the remote control has power, it will continue to send out Issue this signal command. The motor receives the signal command. will turn on/off.
  • ii. So if you want to stop this cycle midway, for example, if the employee is off work and you need to stop it from running, then you need to power off the remote control.
  • iii. Here, we recommend that you remove the lithium battery from the charge version remote control so that it can only be charged in one place. Just turn it off and it will stop sending commands.
  • iv. Then in the store display, you can use an ordinary remote control to control the curtains and demonstrate open and close to the customers. v. During this process, you can still freely pull the curtains with your hands, start them by hand, and use other remote controls to control them.
  • vi. Because the scheduled remote control actually sends control commands at scheduled times control order

d. Another thing to note is that the motor has a service life. If it is used cyclically every 3 minutes, there will be no problem if the motor is used for one or two years.

  • i. There is no problem if the motor can be controlled back and forth 100,000 times, or even longer. If calculated based on 100,000 times, it will be used once every 3 minutes. Approximately 1 year can be use.
  • ii. But it does not mean that it will break after one year, or even 2 or 3 years without any problem. Even 4 years longer, Sometimes it’s not damage to the motor and possibly damage from repeated use of track components.
  • iii. This is the possible loss caused by this cycle timing. Please note.
  • iv. Normally 100,000 times, used 10 times a day, then 365 days a year, a total of 100,000/(10*365)=27 years can be used.

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