ZM25TQ-0.8/25 Smart Blind Tubular Motor Roller Shades

ZM25TQ-0.8/25 Smart Blind Tubular Motor Roller Shades

Suitable for: Compatible with 38mm tube roller blinds. 

Silent, multi-ecosystem intelligent, suitable for most roller blinds.

Electronic Limit Radio Version ZM25TQ Tubular Motor Features

Working environment

Industriallevel electronic components ensure good performance from interference working environment

Smart voice control

Amazon Alexa, Google Home and so on.

Set limit

Easy to set the top/ middle/ down position limit. Overheat protection.

Low energy consumption

With ultra-low power consumption, it works with gateway and support linkage control and remote reminder.


Motorized Zebra Shades, Motorized Shangrila Blinds, Motorized Roller Blinds

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A: It can be used for roller blinds, Shangri-la blinds, Zebra blinds

A: Torque and load are not the same, 0.8N load is 4.21KG, and 2N load is 10KG. 0.8N is quieter than 2N motor.

A: National Standard, European Standard, British Standard, Australian Standard, American Standard, Korean Standard, Brazilian Standard, and so on.

A: It is suitable for the above groove tubes, check the inner diameter from 37mm to 39mm then it can fix your tube. If your groove tube is not the same as the picture we provided, please send us your aluminum tube side drawing and size for confirmation, of whether it can be applied.

A: Motor + 38 Tube Roller blind track and accessories kit + fabric

A: For internal installation, the width of the curtain box needs to be greater than 8 cm; the size of the fabric should be added 30 cm on the basis of the height of the window; the width of the window is less than 1 meter should be calculated according to 1 meter; the size of the fabric is less than 1.4 square meters should be calculated according to 1.4 square meters.

A: I think it’s in Slow pause (inching move) action mode. Just change it back.
Slow pause (inching move) (For example setting limit)
Press the remote control “SET key” 4 times, and the screen shows 4.
Press “Down / close key”, and switch motor inching move action/ continuation move mode. (Repeat this operation for the switch)

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Suitable tube

Support for multiple control methods 25 Tubular Motor)

Tubular Motor: ZM25E Super Powerful Smart Tubular Motor Large Roller Blinds

A variety of ways to control the opening and closing of curtains, say goodbye to manual curtain.

  1. APP remote control
    You can open and close the curtains at anywhere and anytime, say goodbye to sun exposure.
  2. Percentage control
    Precise control, it’s up to you.
  3. Remote control
    Control from remote, response quickly.
  4. Smart voice control
    Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and so on.
  5. Timing control
    According to personal habits, set the curtains opening and closing schedule.
  • Electronic limit.
  • Built in controller and receiver.
  • Voice control connection: Amazon Alexa, Google Home.
  • Percentage control.
  • Timer control.
  • Setting the limit by the remote control, setting the timer by the APP.
  • Reversing function for direction.
  • Easy to set the top/ middle/ down position limit.
  • Slow pause or continuation move action.
  • Wide voltage power supply.
  • Power off route and position memory function.

Light and temperature sense control

lt can be opened and closed automatically according to climate, temperature. weather and other situations. Don’t need to worry about the inappropriate ambient light temperature at this moment, and truly realize your lighting freedom (can be set according to personal preference)

Product Parameters

ItemSmart Blind MotorBrandZH
Product NameZM25TQ- 0.8/25 Blind MotorMotor of StyleRF433, WiFi, ZigBee Electric Blind Motor
Place of ProductGuangdong Province, ChinaColourBlack
Torque0.8N.mMax load 4.21kg
Rated RPM25RPMIP ClassIP44
Rated Current0.1ARated Power22W
Rated Voltage100~240VRated Frequency50/60Hz
Receiving frequency433.92MHzInclude AccessoriesIncluding Crown, Drive adapter, Power plug

Product Application Fields

Living Room

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