Curtain Robot: ZM85EL-2 Smart Curtain Robot Motor Rechargeable

Curtain Robot: ZM85EL-2 Smart Curtain Robot Motor Rechargeable

Make traditional manual curtains super easy to become smart curtains in seconds.

Power socket and electric wire free.

Smart in seconds

Make traditional manual curtains super easy to become smart;

Universal for all categories

For multi-type of curtain track: Rome rod, Straight track, Curved track;

No need to reserve a socket

Built-in Li-battery, power socket and electric wire free. Hanging to use in a second

Safety load

Curtain safe loading: unit 10 kg, can fit most light curtains. Like for apartments;

Low energy consumption

With ultra-low power consumption, it works with gateway and support linkage control and remote reminder.

Product Custom-made Service

Value-added service

1、To offline store

  • Product photos
  • Marketing videos
  • Product samples

2、To online store

  • Product photos
  • Brand visual image design
  • Videos and Copyrights   
  • Copywriting
  • Product customization

“Tailor-made” customized service

OEM/ ODM service

Support product functional structure design, custom mold opening; appearance and brand customization.

Professional technical guidance

Engineering, project professional technical guidance and other special services can provide various supply forms and personalized customization according to customer needs.

Various quotation options

Whether it is EXW price or door-to-door service, a variety of price plans are available for you to choose from.

Provide product knowledge training

Provide you with intimate series of product knowledge training and clear product operation guidance.


A: No, it can’t be removed by us. Not easily without a little technical know-how.

A: Full charge the device for 6 hours before first use.Please charge the device for at least 6 hours every 3 months to stable the battery life

A: You can use the matching charging cable to connect to the charging head or power bank or use our solar panel to power.

A: When the window is well-lit, it is recommended to purchase a matching solar panel to use. The solar panel can be installed on the back of the curtain robot and attached to it with the front of the solar panel facing the window. In this way, the solar panel can be used to power the motor.

A: 2-year warranty on internal control board, 5-year warranty on external firmware

A: Our curtain robot can be used in Roman rod, curved track, square track.

A: A set of curtain robot motor includes: curtain robot motor * 1, USB charging cable * 1, and four kinds of track accessories (Roman rod hanging ring, curved track hanging ring, large square track hanging ring, small square track hanging ring)

A: Yes, ZigBee Version needs to be matched with a ZigBee gateway to match the network, and after connecting to the Tuya Smart Life App, you can control the motor through your phone.

A: The grouping function can be set on the App. One of the curtain robots can change its direction through the change direction function, and then you can open and close both in different directions at the same time.

A: The zigbee version must be used with a gateway, while the Bluetooth version can be used without a gateway. The Bluetooth version can be used without a gateway, but the Bluetooth version requires a Bluetooth gateway for the group function.


Generally, our products are equipped with sea and air transport identification reports, MSDS, UN38.3 and so on


Yes, the tube diameter needs to be greater than 20mm and less than 28mm

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Birth of curtain robot

Since 1998, the manual curtain track was developed, and the curtain motor project was launched in 2009. The first generation of curtain motors came out in 2010. Constantly designing and innovating research and development, it has been 24 years since we have been focusing on the window decoration industry. We believe in the professionalism that comes from focus.

For multi type of the curtain

For multi-type of curtain tracks: Rome rod, Straight track, Curved track;

Curtain Robot Motor​


Make traditional manual curtains become smart curtains in seconds

Power socket and electric wire free

Cute motor, Strong power    Easy to install and use

Safe load: 10 KG per one

For multi-type of curtain track:Rome rod, Straight track, Curved track.

Check the quality in the details, identify the ingenuity through time

For multi-type of curtain tracks: Rome rod, Straight track, Curved track


Lithium battery powered

Curtain Robot: ZM85EL-2 Smart Curtain Robot Motor Rechargeable

Ultra -long and low power standby, the battery status can be viewed on the APP

Support for multiple control methods


A variety of ways to control the opening and closing of curtains say goodbye to manual curtains.

  • APP remote control
    You can open and close the curtains at anywhere and anytime, say goodbye to sun exposure.
  • Percentage control
    Precise control, it’s up to you.
  • Remote control
    Control from remote, response quickly.
  • Smart voice control
    Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and so on.
  • Timing control
    According to personal habits, set the curtains’ opening and closing schedule.

Remote Control

  • Remote channel number: Total 9 channels.
  • Each channel can control 50PCS motors work together at the same time.

Percentage control
Precisely adjust the position of the curtains for enhanced comfort and energy efficiency.

Light and Temperature Sense Control​

lt can be opened and closed automatically according to climate, and temperature. weather and other situations. Don’t need to worry about the inappropriate ambient light temperature at this moment, and truly realize your lighting freedom (can be set according to personal preference)


APP Remote Control

It can be operated from anywhere, enhancing home security, optimizing energy usage, and significantly improving ease of management.







Smart Control

  • Voice Control

It supports accessible use, integrates seamlessly with smart home systems, like Google, Amazon Assistant, etc.; and improves living comfort and convenience.

  • Timing Control

It enhances energy efficiency and safety, improves living comfort, and offers high customization and ease of operation.






Product Parameters





Place of Product




Input Voltage


Motor of Type

RF433, WIFI, ZigBee Electric Curtain Motor


0.5 Nm


20.5 * 4.0 * 3.7 cm


8 W

Safe Load


Li-battery capacity

7.4VDC / 3000mAh

Rated RPM


Rated Current:


Packing List

Motor + User Manual

Product Application Fields

Rental House
Living Room

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