NEW ZM24E-2motor, built-in power supply and smart module

24 Motor Preferred for multiple applications

The integrated design of motor, power supply, and intelligent module in one unit.

Effortlessly achieve smart control.

Set limit

Easy to set the top/ middle/ down position limit. Overheat protection.

Working environment

Industriallevel electronic components ensure good performance from interference working environment

Smart voice control

Amazon Alexa, Google Home and so on.

Low energy consumption

With ultra-low power consumption, it works with gateway and support linkage control and remote reminder.


Motorized Aluminium Venetian Blinds, Motorized Honeycomb Blinds, Motorized day&night Blinds, Motorized Roman Blinds.

Product Custom-made Service

Value-added service

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  • Product photos
  • Brand visual image design
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  • Copywriting
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“Tailor-made” customized service

OEM/ ODM service

Support product functional structure design, custom mold opening; appearance and brand customization.

Professional technical guidance

Engineering, project professional technical guidance and other special services can provide various supply forms and personalized customization according to customer needs.

Various quotation options

Whether it is EXW price or door-to-door service, a variety of price plans are available for you to choose from.

Provide product knowledge training 

Provide you with intimate series of product knowledge training and clear product operation guidance.


A: New 24E motor load is 15KG

A: The usual tracks are fine.

A: The power cord for the 24 motor comes out of the center, and the cord is usually long enough

A: Yes, our products are available at a step discounted price.

A: Different channels of the remote control are connected to different motors, and then the remote control can control all motors with channel “C”.

A: Motorized Aluminium Venetian blinds, motorized Roman blinds, motorized honeycomb blinds, motorized day & night blinds and motorized ceiling honeycomb blinds.

A: The motor is powered by an external power adapter, and the input voltage: 90-240V AC, output voltage: 12V DC, current: 1A.

A: Dual output shaft motors have dual side-output heads mounted in the middle of the top tube, featuring dual output shafts.
The middle of the tube is characterized by even force and stability. It is longer than a single output.
It is suitable for aluminium venetian blinds, honeycomb blinds, Roman blinds, etc. with a width ≧of 0.8 meters.
The max. load is 10KG.

A: Our tubular motors have overseas certificates such as FCC, CE, SAA, depending on the model of the motor, we can also help to apply for specific certificates if needed.

A: The minimum order quantity for motors is 10pcs, of course sample orders are welcome. When the sample order is more than 5 pieces, we can provide the products in neutral packaging.

A: Our tubular motors have overseas certificates such as FCC, CE, SAA, depending on the model of the motor, we can also help to apply for specific certificates if needed.

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Product Application Fields

Living Room

Support for multiple control methods 24 Tubular Motor)

NEW Tubular Motor: ZM24E-2-1/33 Dual Shaft Smart Blind Tubular Motor

A variety of ways to control the opening and closing of curtains, say goodbye to manual curtain.

  • APP remote control
    You can open and close the curtains at anywhere and anytime, say goodbye to sun exposure.
  • Percentage control
    Precise control, it’s up to you.
  • Remote control
    Control from remote, response quickly.
  • Smart voice control
    Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and so on.
  • Timing control
    According to personal habits, set the curtains opening and closing schedule.
  • Electronic limit.
  • Built in controller and receiver.
  • Wireless connection:
  • Voice control connection: Amazon Alexa, Google Home.
  • Percentage control.
  • Timer control.
  • Setting the limit by the remote control, setting the timer by the APP.
  • Reversing function for direction.
  • Easy to set the top/ middle/ down position limit.
  • Slow pause or continuation move action.
  • Power off route and position memory function.

Light and temperature sense control

lt can be opened and closed automatically according to climate, temperature. weather and other situations. Don’t need to worry about the inappropriate ambient light temperature at this moment, and truly realize your lighting freedom (can be set according to personal preference)

Product Parameters

Product NameZM24E-2 Max Load15kg
Torque1.5N.mMax Current1A
Rated RPM33RPMInput Voltage12V DC
Max Power12WReceiving Frequency433.92MHz

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