08 Curved Rail Manual Curtain Track

08 Curved Rail Manual Curtain Track

Product Custom-made Service

08 Curved Rail Manual Curtain Track'S Accessories

Over 26 years of experience in curtain sun-shading field Value-added service

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“Tailor-made” customized service

1. OEM/ODM service

Support product functional structure design, custom mold opening; appearance and brand customization.

2. Professional technical guidance

Engineering, project professional technical guidance and other special services can provide various supply forms and personalized customization according to customer needs.

3. Various quotation options

Whether it is ex-factory price or door-to-door delivery, a variety of price plans are available for you to choose from.

4. Provide product knowledge training

Provide you with intimate series of product knowledge training and clear product operation guidance


About us

Hi, I am Tracy (Director of International Market Operation Department of Zhi Huang Technology), and I am also a “factory girl” born in the 90s.

Zhi Huang is a company founded by my father, which originated from Huang Jia (1998). After graduating from university in 2015, I decided to return to the business my father had run for many years to assist. From 0 to 1, explore the road of international trade and new manufacturing road, and deeply cultivate it. Zhi Huang Technology, focusing on the development and production of intelligent electric products for intelligent sunshade. Adhering to the pursuit of excellence in product technology, craftsmanship and quality, we provide OEM/ODM product services to global users.

Since 1998, the manual curtain track was developed, and the curtain motor project was launched in 2009. The first generation of curtain motors came out in 2010. Constantly designing and innovating research and development, it has been 24 years since we have been focusing on the window decoration industry. We believe in the professionalism that comes from focus.


Exhibition pictures

Exhibition pictures

Design R&D Team

Keep loving, always focus on the road of sunshade industry. Explore, reform and move forward.

Provide professional OEM/ODM customized services for the different needs of global customers.

One-stop service

R&D, Customization, Product knowledge training, Project plan output, Track customization (straight track, curved track), Delivery

Why choose us

1. Research and development
24 years of super research and development capabilities, always leading the development of industry technology
2. Service
Super backing technical service support to help you fully open up the market
3. one stop shop
One-stop purchasing, saving worry, effort and cost
4. product upgrade
New and upgraded series of products, whether it is manual or smart sun protection system products
5. Priority purchase
Priority purchase right for future advantageous new products
6. Boost
Accompany you to occupy the industry market

Product Parameters

Product Name08 Curved Track Sealing CoverPlace of ProductGuangdong Province, China
MatailAluminium AlloyColourBlack, White, Silvery
MOQ3000 PcsQuantity2 Pcs Per Track
MOQ1000 MetersQuantity100Pcs/ Package

Product Application Fields

Rental House
Living Room

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