With technology as the sharp edge- intelligent blind bead chain motor ZM85EL-1

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With technology as the sharp edge- intelligent blind bead chain motor ZM85EL-1: the intelligent new way of changing traditional roller blinds

Is there a lot of trouble when installing the curtain:

  • The traditional roller curtain installed needs to be pulled by hand;
  • Want to install motorized roller blinds unfortunately did not have power cords reserved. Slotting damaged the wall;
  • Elderly people have difficulty with their legs and feet, it is difficult to open and close the roller blinds;
  • Feel sleepy and realize the curtains aren’t closed?
  • The window quantities is large, the roller curtains is high, making lifting the roller curtain time-consuming and laborious?
  • Forget to close the curtains and new furniture get sunburned?

ZH blockbuster new product
intelligent Blind Bead Chain motor
Manual blinds become smart in seconds

Intelligence comes up and down – Solve your problems

Zhihuang launched a new · intelligent Blind Bead Chain motor:

  • Equipped with new technology and high quality materials,
  • Easily upgrade the traditional roller shutter to the smart roller shutter,
  • Presents a new roller curtain experience.

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Fast speed installation, the traditional bead curtain upgrade smart curtain;

No need to pull curtains, easy lift

With lithium battery, no need to reserve socket

No need for slot wiring, ready to use

Small size and large capacity, saving time and effort, easier life

Built-in lithium battery – easy to charge

Even if there is no reserved power supply in the decoration, the intelligent Blind Bead Chain motor has a built-in lithium battery. No need slot wiring, no need to chisel the wall, three charging methods meet your needs.

Multiple ways to control the curtain – say goodbye to hand pulling

  • Voice control: When you are sleepy , you found that the curtain is opened; “close the bedroom curtain”, a code word can easily close the curtain.
  • Support multiple smart speaker control: (Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Yandex Alice and so on.
  • Remote control: The office roller curtain is high and many, one by one hand, delay the work also consumes physical energy. Through the intelligent Blind Bead Chain motor, they become into an intelligent roller curtain. The remote control raises and lowers one or more roller blinds with one button, saying goodbye to manual operation and improving work efficiency.
  • APP control: Forget to close the curtain when going out, and afraid of sunburn home, The mobile app can easily close them with one click.
  • Timing control: At home, the roller curtain can be raised and lowered regularly according to personal habits. Early in the morning, the curtain is slowly pulled up, the favorite gently sounded, the warm sunshine wakes up a new day; At night, the curtain slowly closed, the light turned off, brushed the fatigue of the day, into a sweet dream.
  • Light sensing control: According to the climate, temperature, weather and other conditions to set up automatic rise and fall, sunshine as expected into the room, even if the temperature continues to rise, will not disturb the weekend rest of you.

Rental remodeling – Roller shutters upgrade

The house is rented, but the life is your own. Find your favorite way of life, wake up in the morning to see the flowers, come to see the moon in the evening, lying down is enough.

Suitable for many kinds of pull beads/cords

Suitable for pull bead roller blinds, pull bead Roman blinds, pull bead Aluminium Venetian blinds, pull bead Shangrila blinds, pull bead vertical blinds and so on.

Whether it’s an apartment, rental house, office, living room…

Choose Zhihuang intelligent Blind Bead Chain motor, Change your lifestyle.

We look forward to creating a more convenient and comfortable intelligent life for you.

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Blind bead chain motor: With technology as the sharp edge- intelligent blind bead chain motor ZM85EL-1 the intelligent new way of changing traditional roller blinds

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