Motorized Roller Blinds with Smart Tubular Motor Highly Practical 2023

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Motorized Roller Blinds Information

  • Motor Used: 25mm Li-battery Tubular Motor
  • Motor Model: ZM25EL-0.8/25
  • Motor Highlights: 1.No wiring required, lithium battery powered; 2. Optional solar panels, charging bank, and other charging; 3. Fully charged lithium battery will support one up-and-down operation each day for 6 months.

For more info on 25mm li-battery tubular motor, pls click here

For more info on 25mm tubular motor, pls click here

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Case Video 1

  • Motorized Roller Blinds Installation Tutorial

How to properly install li-battery motorized roller blinds?

Look here👇 Super detailed installation steps for users

Intelligent Motorized Roller Blinds Made Easy

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Case Video 2

  • Motorized Roller Blinds Display

Motorized roller blinds can be controlled by remote control to set limits, and change direction; by App control to change direction, timing, and other functions.

Quiet running with noise level below 40dB

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  • Worry-free | Solutions for our Customers
  1. User DIY at home
  2. No labor required
  3. Cost saving
  4. Standard Package
  5. Convenient transportation

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