Why Does the Curtain Motor Move by Itself?

Customer: Why does the curtain motor operate automatically? Sometimes the curtains in this room move by themselves. Why Do Room B’s Curtains Move When Controlling Room A’s Curtains?

Tracy: In simple terms, the remote control might have accidentally paired with multiple curtain motors during installation.
Solution: Delete the pairing between all remotes for thie curtain motor, and then re-pair the remote with the current motor.

Click here: How to use the remote to delete the connection with the curtain motor?

Customer: Are the control codes for your remotes unique to your company?

Tracy: Yes, they are unique to us.

Customer: Are your remotes using rolling codes?

Tracy: Yes, they use rolling codes.

Customer: When setting up, the homeowner didn’t operate any electrical appliances. Could it be due to the surrounding environment?

Engineer: It might be that the surrounding environment used the same frequency and very similar codes.

Customer: How can this problem be solved?

Engineer: This probability is extremely low.

Customer: I feel the probability is quite high. This situation has occurred several times.

Tracy: If the remote control simultaneously paired with different motors, the probability is indeed high. For example, during installation in our office, the remote accidentally paired with motors in both my office and other rooms. At that time, the technician was setting up the motor in my room, and another technician was setting up motors in other rooms, so the remote paired with both at the same time.

Room 1 and Room 2 were quite far apart, but the technicians happened to be setting up the roller blind motors simultaneously, so they paired at the same time.

Later, other windows had the same issue a few times because many windows were being set up simultaneously during installation.

Then we deleted the pairings and re-paired them while calling out to make sure others didn’t press their motors, preventing cross-pairing.

(I happened to be on-site during installation and noticed it’s quite easy to accidentally cross-pair.)

Other customers also accidentally paired different rooms during installation. Deleting and re-pairing solved the issue.

Customer: Okay, thank you.

Tracy: You’re welcome!

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