Roller Blind Dacron Fabric ZH7421780190-92

Fabric Technical Parameters

Fabric Width230cmWeft Deviation2%
Blackout Rate70%Selvedge DefectNone
Color Fastness To LightLevel ≥4\\

Process and Characteristics

  • Shading
  • Ventilation, Air permeability
  • Wear-resistant and Corrosion-resistant
  • Non-stretching and Deformation
  • Long Life
  • No Odor
  • Green Environmental Protection

Applicable Curtain Species

  • Roller Blinds
  • Double Track Ceiling Curtain
  • Vertical Blinds

Roller Blind Fabric Description

Color of Roller Blind (70% Shading Dacron Fabric)
ZH7421780190: Blue

Color of Roller Blind (70% Shading Dacron Fabric)
ZH7421780191: Beige

Color of Roller Blind (70% Shading Dacron Fabric)
ZH7421780192: Brown

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