Zhihuang Technology: Third-Generation Curtain Robot – The Smart Revolution for Traditional Curtains

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In today’s fast-paced technological world, smart home systems have become an indispensable part of our lives. Curtains, an integral component of home living, are no exception to this trend. Introducing the groundbreaking new product in smart home technology – the third-generation curtain robot from Zhihuang Technology. This curtain robot, with its superior performance and cutting-edge technology, is leading the new wave of smart home innovations, bringing a revolutionary change to traditional curtains.

From Concept to Reality: The Evolution of Curtain Robots

Drawing from over 26 years of expertise in manual products and 14 years in motorized curtain motor development, we embarked on the journey to design curtain robots in 2018. This initiative showcases our technical prowess and innovative capabilities, resulting from countless days and nights of dedicated effort. In 2021, we successfully launched this ingeniously designed curtain robot, which has been widely recognized in the market for its intelligent features and low power consumption. The introduction of this curtain robot has not only facilitated the transition from traditional curtain tracks to smart living for many but has also opened a new chapter in home automation.

By 2023, we once again surpassed ourselves with the launch of the upgraded third-generation curtain robot. Building on the excellent qualities of its predecessors, this new product further enhances functionality and performance, offering users a more convenient and intelligent home experience. From the initial design concept in 2018 to the first launch in 2021, and now the comprehensive upgrade in 2023, each step of evolution reflects our pursuit of perfection and vision for the future lifestyle. The arrival of this robot marks a significant shift from traditional to smart curtains, opening a new era of intelligent living for users.

Functional Innovations: Transforming Life with Intelligence

Currtain’s third-generation curtain robot boasts comprehensive functional upgrades. Compared to the previous models, it includes new practical features such as light pull start, automatic travel setting, resistance stop, resistance force increase, auto-clamp, and manual operation during power outages, making curtain operation more precise and convenient.

  • Light Pull Start: A simple pull starts the curtain robot, eliminating complex operational steps and seamlessly integrating intelligence into daily life.
  • Automatic Travel Setting: Intelligently memorizes the curtain’s open and close positions for easy adjustments anytime.
  • Resistance Stop & Force Increase: Stops when encountering resistance or increases force to protect both the curtain and robot.
  • Auto-Clamp: Designed for easy handling of various installation scenarios without complex processes.
  • Manual Operation During Power Outages: Provides a backup solution, allowing manual curtain operation even during power outages.
  • The upgraded thrust easily handles 12KG curtains, making smart living effortless.

Intelligent Control: Full Control at Your Fingertips

The third-generation curtain robot showcases exceptional performance in operation. Its composite key design simplifies both installation and control, making curtain adjustment and operation easy with simple button presses.

Additionally, the remote control feature via a mobile app allows you to adjust the curtains anytime, anywhere, achieving true smart living. Whether at home or away, you can control the curtains, enjoying the convenience of a smart life.

The timer function lets you set curtain open and close times according to personal habits or schedules, making your life more regular and comfortable. Apart from basic control functions, the curtain robot supports various smart control methods. Voice control allows you to command the curtains via a smart speaker, percentage control enables precise adjustment of curtain positions for different light and privacy needs, and remote control offers flexible operation anytime. Notably, the curtain robot includes light and temperature sensing controls, adjusting the curtains based on climate conditions, ensuring a comfortable home environment at all times.

Design Excellence: Simple and Stylish, Perfect Integration

The third-generation curtain robot continues the minimalist and stylish design concept, seamlessly blending with various home environments. Its elegant and refined appearance, crafted from high-quality ABS material, ensures durability and provides a pleasant tactile experience with every use.

Whether in a modern minimalist setting or a traditional elegant decor, the curtain robot fits perfectly, adding an artistic touch to your home. Its presence not only enhances the overall aesthetic but also reflects a pursuit of quality life, making home living more exciting. The robot’s quick installation feature, compatible with all types of curtain tracks, simplifies the process, saving time and effort, and making smart living more accessible.

Worry-Free Charging: Intelligent Charging, Long-Lasting Battery

The third-generation curtain robot features an intelligent charging system. Equipped with a lithium battery, it requires no pre-installed sockets or wiring, making it ready to use immediately. The low battery alarm prompts timely recharging, while indicator lights provide real-time charging status, ensuring convenience.

Supporting multiple charging methods, users can charge the robot using a charger, power bank, or solar panel, making the process more convenient and eco-friendly.

Currtain: Commitment to Innovation and the Future

Currtain remains dedicated to research and innovation in the field of smart curtains, continually pursuing technological breakthroughs and product upgrades. We aim to provide users with intelligent, convenient, and energy-efficient curtain motor products, making smart living within reach.

In the future, Currtain curtain motors will continue to advance in intelligence and customization, becoming an essential part of smart homes. We will lead the future development of smart living, allowing every user to enjoy the benefits of technology. Currtain curtain motors are not just products but a promise of a smart future. Let’s embrace the new era of smart living together, exploring the endless possibilities of technology, and enjoying a more convenient, comfortable, and intelligent home life.

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