ZhiHuang Technology: Shining at the 2024 R+T Asia Shanghai Expo with Revolutionary New Products

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Leading Innovation in Smart Home Technology

Shenzhen ZhiHuang Technology Co., Ltd., a leader in the smart curtain sector, showcased its deep industry experience and technological prowess at the event. The company introduced several groundbreaking new products, drawing significant attention from attendees.

Since its founding in 1998, ZhiHuang Technology has been dedicated to the R&D and production of smart shading and smart home products. In 2009, the company established a specialized shading motor R&D team and successfully launched its first-generation electric products in 2010, marking its transition from manual products to the electric smart era. Over the years, ZhiHuang Technology has built an extensive sales network and established partnerships globally, with products exported to multiple countries and regions.

ZhiHuang Technology’s Innovative New Products

At the R+T Asia Expo, ZhiHuang Technology once again demonstrated its strong R&D capabilities and innovative spirit. The company unveiled several new products that reflect its profound technical knowledge and unique insights into the future of smart home living. Below are some of the innovative products presented at the expo:

ZM88E-DT HiddenLight Motorized Curtain Track

  • Ceiling Fully Hidden Design: Seamlessly integrates into the ceiling.
  • Built-in Smart Lighting: Remote and app control, enhanced ambiance.
  • Three-Speed Adjustment: Easily manage curtain movements Speed.
  • Versatile Options: Fully hidden, semi-hidden, and fully exposed designs.

ZM89E Mini Pro Smart Curtain Motor

  This compact motor was another highlight of the expo. Small motor, big in wisdom, the perfect new choice for concealed installation.

  • Small motor      
  •  Can be hidden in the curtain box       
  • Split-body design 

Its flexible installation and powerful functionality make it suitable for various curtain applications, catering to the diverse needs of smart home product users.

ZM24E Integrated Design Motor

  The ZM24E motor is a top choice for various applications due to its integrated design, combining the motor, power supply, and smart module. This integration enhances product stability and significantly reduces installation complexity. Its built-in power board supports AC100-240V input voltage, and the smart module requires no external connection, supporting dry contact and RS485 functions. The ZM24E motor is available in multiple versions, including RF, RS485, Tuya Zigbee, Tuya WiFi, Tuya Mesh, Mijia WiFi, Mijia Mesh, Matter WiFi, and voice control, meeting different smart home needs.

Additionally, ZhiHuang Technology introduced the new 25TQ regular power supply/25EL lithium battery motor and the 35 lithium battery motor. Both motors feature optimized structural designs for improved stability and ultra-quiet operation, providing a more comfortable user experience. The 35 lithium battery motor, with its high-torque design, is suitable for large roller blinds or shading products, and its long-lasting design reduces charging frequency for user convenience.

Enthusiastic Reception at the Expo

The debut of these new products attracted numerous visitors who eagerly experienced the various new offerings, appreciating the intelligence and convenience of ZhiHuang Technology’s products. During the expo, ZhiHuang Technology engaged in in-depth discussions with many industry professionals and partners, reaching multiple cooperation agreements, laying a solid foundation for the company’s future development.

The ZhiHuang Technology booth was bustling with visitors experiencing the latest smart shading products and enjoying the technological charm brought by ZhiHuang Technology. Some visitors commented that ZhiHuang Technology’s products are not only functionally advanced but also uniquely designed, perfectly blending with modern home aesthetics.

The ZhiHuang Team: Professional and Passionate, Building New Partnerships

The ZhiHuang team welcomed every guest with enthusiasm, providing professional answers and sincere listening to ensure every visitor received satisfactory responses. When consulting with partners, our staff provided detailed explanations of cooperation policies, winning their trust with our professionalism and sincerity. This professional spirit and enthusiastic service led many visitors to choose to establish long-term stable partnerships with ZhiHuang after a thorough understanding.

Future Outlook of ZhiHuang Technology

Looking ahead, ZhiHuang Technology will follow the craftsman’s spirit and do the artisan quality goods. continuously improving product quality and technological levels, and providing higher-quality, smarter home products for global users. The company also looks forward to meeting again at the next R+T Asia Expo, working together with industry professionals and partners to drive the development of the smart shading and smart home industry.

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