24mm Dual Output Shaft Tubular Motor

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Motor Key Attributes

Product Name: 24 Smart Tubular Motor

Product Model: ZM24E-1/33-2

Product Highlights: 

1. Available for double roller blinds; 

2. Cute motor, low noise and constant speed; 

3. Using external power supply adapter power supply;

4. Electronic limit, debugging is simple and convenient.

Motor Application Field

Solutions for Indoor Motorized Sun-shading

24 blind tubular motor can be used for aluminum venetian blinds, day and night blinds, honeycomb blinds, Roman blinds;

Can realize the automation and intelligence of indoor shading in different scenarios such as home, office, and high-end apartments.

Video about Installation & Display

First, 24mm tubular motor is assembled with aluminum venetian blinds

Then, mounted on the office display rack
This video quickly records the installation process of the installer.
By measuring, pointing, punching, fixing, installing, and other operations to complete a pair of motorized aluminum blinds.

Play Video

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