From traditional curtain tracks to smart curtain motors

We are the only manufacturer in China that has developed and upgraded from traditional curtain tracks all the way to smart curtain motors.

26+ Years Smart Curtain Experience
OEM & ODM Production Services
Finished Curtain Track and Curtain Project Supply
Customized Mold Opening Support

One-stop solution for Smart Curtain

One-stop Purchase

With our industry-specific experience, we offer a one-stop solution for procuring curtain tracks, curtain motors, and related products.


26+ years, continuous research and development to deliver competitive products, always leading the development of industry technology.

Project solution

Engineering, project professional technical guidance and other special services can provide various supply forms and personalized customization according to customer needs.


OEM/ODM Service: Support product functional structure design, custom mold opening, appearance and brand customization.

Track custom-made

Finished curtain track custom-made: Straight curtain track, curved curtain track.

Product knowedge training

Provide you with intimate series of product knowledge training and clear product operation guidance.

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Certificates & Smart Ecosystem


ISO                                                    SAA                                                     CE                                                FCC                                          Patent                                        

Connected Intelligent Ecosystem

from start to finish

In the daily company fully implements ISO9001 quality management system. Products have CCC, CE, SAA, FCC, EMC, etc international certificates to meet strict requirements of different countries. Systematization, standardized, standardized operation, to ensure long-term stability of the provision of high quality products.

How we cooperate?

Inquiry and Contact

Reach out to us via email, phone, or our website with your wholesale requirements.

Product Selection

Browse our extensive product catalog to select the items that meet your needs

Customization Discussion

If customization is required, discuss and finalize the specifications with our team.

Quotation and Agreement

Receive a detailed quote from us and proceed with signing a mutual agreement.

Production and Quality Assurance

We commence production while adhering to stringent quality control standards.

Logistics and Shipping

Logistics details are confirmed to ensure efficient and safe transportation of products.

Delivery and Documentation

Products are delivered along with all necessary documentation like shipping notes, packing lists, etc.

Post-Sale Support

We offer comprehensive after-sales support including product queries and troubleshooting.

Initial Consultation

Contact us to discuss your project needs and objectives

Requirement Analysis

We work together to analyze and understand the specific requirements of your project.

Project Proposal:

Our team develops and presents a detailed project proposal, including timelines and cost estimates.

Agreement and Planning

Upon agreement, we move forward with detailed project planning and resource allocation.

Engineering and Design

Our experts engage in the engineering and design phase, ensuring adherence to project specifications.

Quality Control and Testing

Rigorous quality control and testing are conducted throughout the project development phase.

Logistics and Shipping

Logistics details are confirmed to ensure efficient and safe transportation of products.

Delivery and Documentation

Products are delivered along with all necessary documentation like shipping notes, packing lists, etc.

Implementation and Deployment

We oversee the implementation and deployment phase, ensuring seamless integration.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Post-deployment, we provide ongoing support and maintenance services.

We aim to offer a seamless and efficient collaboration experience through these processes.

See What Currtain's Customers Get

Are you a wholesale agent?

Currtain provides comprehensive smart curtain solutions for wholesale agents, from curtain tracks, motors, roller shutter motors to window openers and various accessories, all available for one-stop shopping to meet every need. Whether it's small or large orders, we can flexibly adapt, helping you easily manage market dynamics.

Are you a project contractor (e.g., hotels, apartments, buildings)?

Whether it's manual curtain tracks or smart curtains, or even custom-made fabric curtains, Currtain has got you covered. We specialize in providing custom smart curtain solutions for high-end projects, helping your hotel, apartment, or office building projects achieve modernization and smart upgrades, with cost control in mind."

Are you an online e-commerce owner or Chain retailer?

Partner with Currtain to bring the latest smart curtain products to your e-commerce platform or chain stores, attracting consumers seeking high-quality living, and enhance your market competitiveness.

Are you a brand customization client?

Currtain can integrate your unique design ideas into the production of smart curtains, creating personalized products exclusively for your brand, enhancing brand image and market influence.

Are you a broker?

If you have connections with project contractors (such as hotels, apartments, high-rise building projects, etc.), builders, design companies, smart home professionals, hotel and resort chain brand owners, online e-commerce sellers, or chain retailers, we warmly invite you to become a valuable intermediary for Currtain. Utilize our 25 years of experience in smart curtain manufacturing and our top-quality, customizable products to expand your professional network. In return, you will enjoy substantial referral fees. Contact us to explore a mutually beneficial partnership.

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Testimonials From Our Happy Clients

Note: To maintain our clients’ privacy, names and certain identifying details have been changed. These reviews are based on genuine feedback from our valued customers.

You ask, we answer

Trust in our expertise for innovative solutions. 

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Who we are? We are your factory!!!

We are the only manufacturer in China that has developed and upgraded from traditional curtain tracks all the way to smart curtain motors.

  • Since 1998, focusing on the research and production of traditional curtain tracks.
  • In 2009, we established a dedicated team for curtain motor development.
  • In 2010, we unveiled the first generation of curtain motors.
  • In 2011, we initiated the development of smart home solutions.
  • For over 26 years, we have been dedicated to the pursuit of making curtains move and creating comfortable homes.

Currtain provides comprehensive one-stop services, covering every aspect from design and manufacturing to installation guidance. 

Our service, rooted in an extensive product line and profound industry experience (Over 26+ years), is dedicated to delivering customized smart curtain solutions and seamless integration with various smart home systems. Our goal is to simplify the procurement process, offering a convenient and efficient service experience.

We support orders starting from 5 units.

Furthermore, we offer scaled pricing benefits – the larger your order quantity, the more significant your cost savings.

For tailored support and to understand how you can maximize your investment with us, please feel free to contact us.

Currtain stands at the forefront of smart home integration.

Our products are engineered to effortlessly sync with leading smart home platforms like Matter, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa.

This ensures seamless integration into your existing smart home setup, providing a versatile and future-proof solution for any modern living environment.

Absolutely! At Currtain, we believe every window tells its own story.

We offer customization services for all kinds of window sizes and designs.

Currtain’s expert design team works closely with you to ensure each solution is precisely tailored to your unique requirements and perfectly fits your project.

Currtain provides comprehensive after-sales service globally.

Our policy includes a limited warranty, rapid-response customer support, and spare parts supply. Wherever you are, we are committed to offering efficient and reliable support to ensure your satisfaction.

Partnering with Currtain brings significant advantages in both cost efficiency and market competitiveness for your business:

  • Bulk Purchasing Efficiency
  • Advanced Technology and Innovation
  • Customization and Flexibility
  • Streamlined Supply Chain


To lead innovation in curtain motion solutions on a global scale.


Building a sustainable future, caring for the environment and social responsibility.


Empowering customers to maintain competitiveness in the market.

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